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Labouchere Cancellation System in Roulette

If you say you do not know what we are talking about here, maybe hint like "Cancellation system" will help yoy? Simply, it is just another name for this system.

As well as in the Oscar's Grind, you will need to bet by units and keep being concentrated not to make a mistake in calculations.

First of all, you need to write a line of numbers - it can be short or long.
Let's take 1 2 3 4 5 6.

First Attempt

We add two outside numbers 1+6=7 and we bet 7 units.

If we win, we cross out two outside numbers 1 and 6. Now it looks like this:

Let's assume that our bet won again, and we cross out next two outside numbers 2 and 5.

Let's imagine that somehow our bet won again It means that we made a coup.

Second Attempt

Let's take the same numbers.

We win the first bet of 7 units. And we do not forget to cross out the outside numbers.

We add two outside numbers 2+5=7 and bet 7 units. Our bet lost. In this case we add one more number at the end of our line, which is the quantity of the lost units.

You see that in this case we bet 9 units.

We continue until we make a coup - cross out all the numbers.

The advantages of this system are different. If we write a short line, we have a better possibility to make a coup sooner. But at the same time if we write large numbers in it, we will lose a lot in a very short time.

This is a negative progression. It means - if you lose, you bet more. It requires strong nerves and persistence.

Reverse Labouchère

Reverse means opposite as you know. So, when we win, we add numbers to the line, not when we lose (opposite to traditional Labouchere). The only comforting thing in this kind is that we increase our bets when we win, but it is only emotionally.

Well, it is difficult to judge what type of this strategy is better, but there is one thing we should always remember is to follow our bankroll. If you lose all the money you saved for gambling day, you should leave the casino. This rule will develop your stamina and save you from many troubles.

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