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Los Pelayos - Former Threat to Casinos

Every gambler knows the feeling when the fortune comes to an end. There are the roulette videos, where you will see how a family became a very strong team of professional gamblers.

Music producer Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, who made over 150 records decided that he wanted a change in his life. He compares gambling with life but a shorter version, because in half hour you receive witness, victories, catastrophes, and struggle. Everything started in 1990.

Gradually, while playing he noticed that some numbers are hit more often than others. He realized that roulette game is not a pure chance but a pattern that can be caught and followed. He understood, if the roulette is not perfect, he could win it.

He found a partner, his own son Ivan, who decided to help the father that always did things others would think they were unreasonable. He spent a couple of weeks in the Casino Grand Madrid. His job was to clock six wheels they had and report the results.

Having collected some results, Pelayo senior started writing a simple computer program. He created a wheel on the computer. He took precaution that was absolutely random. The matter was to find a biased wheel. And his main idea was to make money. The higher the positive value of all the numbers the stronger the bias and the better the odds of Gonzalo.

People who find biases, are not cheaters as they simply take advantage of the founding.

He needed a team where each was working 6 hours a night for 2 weeks. He gathered a team of his family.

They had a plan how to play. Also Gonzalo established the rules, according to which everybody had to gamble. He was so devoted to the project that even sold copyright for the documentary he shot in Africa.

They started with the bankroll of $2,200. In September 1991 they entered the casino as a team. They worked in the casino for two weeks. They gathered thousands of results. Gonzalo said that 30,000 results were good for the calculation.

The casinos tried to fight back and they exchanged the wheel among the tables but the team needed few minutes to figure out what wheel it was. They played against the wheel.

The casino bosses started fighting the team harder. Once they asked him to leave but he refused and they simply kicked him out of the place. Later they did not replace the whole wheel but the core of one with another. That is where the Madrid luck stopped.

The team started hitting the major cities of Europe. They lived a wonderful life but the bad luck was following them as they were recognized in the casinos and asked to leave.

Vegas. If Europe there is a single zero roulette, in the US it is double, as it doubles the house edge. So, the team had a really difficult challenge: to find a biased wheel and to use it without being noticed.

They tried to look like the tourists and they decreased their appetite in order not to be spotted. They even used different accents each time they played. Also they tried to avoid the same staff in the house, so that they would not remember them.

For three months they are staying in Vegas and manage to stay out of trouble. In August 1994 they decided to leave the city but to leave spectacularly. So they started betting, but three times in a row 19 came up, not the numbers they were counting on. Gonzalo fainted and it appeared that he was too exhausted psychologically that he couldn't take anymore.

Together with his son Ivan Gonzalo wrote a book: "The Fabulous Story of the Pelayos."

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