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Types of Roulette Strategies - Popular Methods to Win

There are major betting systems and there are minor. On this page we are going to talk about types of bets, which represent minor betting strategies which are not so well-knowns, but still help in betting.

Snake on the Table

In the jungles of casinos you can occasionally meet a very unique species of snakes: red or black. It is a rare type of the bet. As the evolution is taking place in our life, the snakes started living on the roulette tables.

But now let us be more reasonable. It is just a funny crazy bet called that way. It looks like a snake.

Red snake is betting on the red numbers, black snake is betting, correspondently, on black ones.

The most important principle of the bet is to "make" a snake by "linking or joining" neighboring red cells. Red snake includes 12 numbers, no matter how you bet, just follow the main rule. Either you from 1 or 3, and end on 34 or 36, the number of cells would not change.

A bit different story is with the black snake. It can include 12 cells, or 14, if you "go through" numbers 11, 10, and 29, 28.

The disadvantage of this system is that it does not include all the numbers of one color. And the other one, is that you do not take it and apply as your default one. It would be sad, if you bet on the red snake and black color will come up over 26 times.

My name is Bond, James Bond

Nice guy, James Bond. So many movies are shot about him. He is also a lucky gambler, as well as other film man-candies. In the Casino Royal movie James bet on the first two dozens: 1-12 and 13-24. And he quickly wins tons of chips. It is magic and fable.

Also some players bet on 17, as James Bond did it. Others develop even a mega-bet, called complete a number.

Complete a Number

You need to pick up a number in the middle row. Some Bond's fans choose number 17 and pack it with one straight up bet, 4 corner and 4 split bets. Let's take one chip for each bet. In total we wager 9 chips. In case our bet wins we receive

1straight up bet 35/1

4 corner bets 8/1 * 4

4 split bets 17/1* 4

Total profit is 135 chips.

Cool, ha? But not really possible as in the American roulette the winning probability is 1 in 37, and in European is 1 in 36.

The Parlay system

This betting system reminds of Paroli system. But some people say it is less risky.

The idea is also a positive progression. No matter how much you bet, but if you win, you bet your winnings. If you lose, it is not very pleasant but, life is life. This strategy is widely used in the horse race betting. Anyway, you can try!

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