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Martingale Variations - Types of Popular Betting System

Reverse or Anti-Martingale System

It is the same Martingale betting strategy but vice versa. If classic Martingale is a negative progression, so the Reverse Martingale is a positive one.

So, if you are winning you are betting twice as much. This system is good just for the short periods of time, as the lucky streak is not usually long. It is better to say that the lucky streaks are very short.

If you are following this system, you do not bet on high numbers, you bet on evens and odds, black or red. Mostly, it is 1/1 winning. It is not a full strategy you should follow; you need to work out the quantity of spins you are betting.

Well, we can say that this system is not very reliable. Let's imagine the situation that your first bet is $5. You are winning first bet and receive $10. The next time you bet $10 and win again. This time you receive $20. So, it is clear that this time you bet $20. And what if you lose? You lose all the winning you received in the last ten-twenty minutes. That is not very inspiring.

The most important for you is to remember and define for yourself when you quit.

Dynamic Martingale

Another version of the Martingale betting system. As everybody wants to save as much as possible, this system is some kind of attempt to do that.

So, let's assume that your first bet is $5. And you bet on black.

But at the beginning you are on the losing streak. And lose the first bet, but double the next one, which is $10.

Then you lose again and bet $20.

And after you increase the bet to $40. Now you can split the $40 bet. For example it would be $20 on black, $10 on even, $10 high.

Let's say that the winning number is black, even and low. So, your $10 high bet lost.

Next time you bet $20 (as you doubled the lost bet) and you can split the bet again.

Among the advantages of this betting system is that you may not care about the maximum bets, as you can always split them. Among the disadvantages is that it is time consuming, you may lose a lot, as you are doubling the bets.

Grand Martingale

It is another variant of the Martingale negative progression system. It means that every time you lose, you double the bet and add one more bet. Nothing difficult but it is not really working, as you can lose a lot in a short period of time but the winning is 1/1. If you are not satisfied with the given above strategies, you may try to find a biased wheel and use this casino drawback into your benefit.

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